Widescreen resolution options

Hi i’m wondering if I were to buy a widescreen lcd if there would be a similiar resolution option as 800x600 for bigger print? Now i’m used to, and like my 4.3 screen set to a 800x600 resolution for easier reading ( call me crazy). I was wondering is there a similiar resolution option for widescreen? I was looking at this. Here are the specs.

Brand ASUS
Model VW192T
Cabinet Color Black
Screen Size 19"
Widescreen Yes
Display Type WXGA+
Maximum Resolution 1440 x 900
Recommended Resolution 1440 x 900
Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 160°(V)
Pixel Pitch 0.285mm
Display Colors 16.2 Million
Brightness 330 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Response Time 5ms
Horizontal Refresh Rate Analog: 31 KHz - 80 KHz
Digital: 30 KHz - 75 KHz
Vertical Refresh Rate Analog: 56 Hz - 75 Hz
Digital: 60 Hz - 70 Hz
Input Video Compatibility Analog RGB, Digital
Connectors D-Sub, DVI-D
D-Sub 1
Complies with Energy Star
Power Consumption Power on: <46W
Standy by: <2W
Regulatory Approvals TCO’03, VCCI, UL/cUL, CB, CE, FCC, CCC, BSMI, Gost-R, C-Tick, PSB, MIC, WHQL
Adjustable Stand Tilt Adjustments
Built in TV Tuner No
Built in Speakers 2 x 1W
Features •VESA Wall Mounting: 100 x 100mm
•SPLENDID Video Intelligence Tech: Yes
•SPLENDID Video Preset Mode: 5 modes
•Skin-Tone Selection: 3 modes
•Color Temperature Selection: 5 modes
Package Contents VW192T LCD Monitor
User Manual
VGA Cable
DVI Cable
Power Cable
Audio Cable
Dimensions (W×H×D) 18.1" x 14.5" x 8.2"
Weight 9.25 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years
Labor 3 years

Ummm, you can set your screen fonts to a larger size regardless of what resolution your monitor is set for. Running an LCD at anything other than it’s native resolution is a pretty bad idea, and a waste of money. Also consider the Windows accessibility options, like magnifier.

I’ve tried that I still like running it at a lower resolution. It’s speedier and alot easier to read font sizes. I have tried a bunch of methods, and I could get used to it, but I still like the bigger low res font better. I don’t think it’s a waste of money I actually save money. They are cheaper to operate plus they take up less desktop space. Also I like how I don’t get any screen glair. I was flicking back and forth from low res to high res, and I don’t think I noticed a difference watching a dvd scene. I think my graphics card will give me the best performance when i’m gaming, and watching dvd’s regardless. Just when i’m web browsing I like it lower.

Many people do as you wheelz, but TFTs are really intended to only display the one resolution; so you aren’t make the best use of it.

I suggest you fully explore the dpi, font, and icon sizing options whilst using the native resolution. You may find some 3rd party software useful for this as well.

Of course, everybody has their preferences, so if it works for you.

You are not crazy. :disagree: This is the main drawback of a super high resolution screen. The display fonts are somewhat adjustable, but Windows XP is not fully scalable. Some programs just have tiny fonts anyway. I know, I live with a beautiful Dell laptop 15" 1920x1200 native resolution that I have set to 1680x1050 just so these old eyes can see–though even like that is a little small. A very slight fuzziness is added at the lower resolution. I think you might be all right with that 1440x900 screen. If you got the $$$$, why not go for one of those new 20-22" screens with the same native resolution. They are almost affordable now. regards, gamma1

Thanks for the advice guys. I will try to keep it all in mind I may just keep the old screen I got now for awile. I’m not sure I wouldn’t mind having the widescreen for movies though. I think for just web browsing which is 90 percent of the time I may prefer the 4.3 ratio. I dont’ know though I havent’ tried the 16.10 yet. I may regret getting it I doubt I would even care about multiple pages being displayed. I like to just keep em down on the task bar, and pop them up when needed in an instant full screen. Seems easy enough for me. In a month I probally could get a bigger screen. Plus with the prices always dropping the longer you wait doesn’t hurt any. I do like the style of the ASUS, and the specs seem good enough for what I would use it for. I’m just worried about going blind.

It’s weird going from hi res to low res I do see that blurry difference, but it doesn’t take long to get adjusted to it. It’s so strange like it gets clearer later on, or my eyes just adjust. I’m not sure what is going on. It looks awfull after viewing it hi res then backing down, and then later it seems normal. Also I got dialup internet service which makes it a bit faster with low res settings, and I got the accelerator going which compresses images on top of that. I’m living in the stone ages here. I hope DSL makes it my way one of these years. I looked into satellite, but I’m waiting for the prices to come down on the equipment costs before I put that eye sore up on my roof.