Widescreen DVD's playing in full screen mode

My Samsung HT-Z510 player seems to play certain DVD’s in full screen mode even though the DVD’s are widescreen. I have noticed this especially on Warner Bros. movies and also ones that have an aspect ratio of 1.66.1 or less. I went through my picture options and it seems that when an HDMI cable is connected from the receiver to the TV, it automatically converts the picture to HDTV/wide and will not let me change the options to 4:3 letter box. When I have component cables connected I am able to change the options. Obviously, component is not as good as HDMI. Does anyone know what’s up with this? Are there any fixes or hacks for it? Appreciate all the input I can get.

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Thank you

[QUOTE=00Flo;2215741]…Obviously, component is not as good as HDMI…[/QUOTE]My component connections look every bit as good as my HDMI connections, so I’m wondering what you mean by this. Perhaps it’s a function of your cables/connections?

If you’re able to scale component but not HDMI and you have good cables, I’d go with that.

In most cases, you can’t tell a difference between component/DVI/HDMI for SD content. However, since you mention your receiver, I’d question how your receiver is handling the video.

[QUOTE=00Flo;2215741]My Samsung HT-Z510 player seems to play certain DVD’s in full screen mode even though the DVD’s are widescreen.[/QUOTE]

What I am wondering is did you make sure your DVD are widescreen edition? Some Commerical dvd have flip sides where one is full screen and flip over and you have wide screen. I see this feature and sometimes it either comes in full screen or widescreen edition only? So if you can tell us the specific movie that might help to know what is happening?

[QUOTE=00Flo;2215741]Obviously, component is not as good as HDMI. [/QUOTE]

Did you do a setup where you did a side by side comparison of both??? That would be a true test of how good one or the other is. As Dogg says unless you know what your looking for and testing you won’t be able to tell the difference on the same unit and set just with either cable attachments. To get true results you have to do alot of testing with the same unit and attachments meaning same player and tv but connected with different cables to get a more accurate result.