Widescreen DVD Recorder

Does anyone know if any of the standalone DVD recorders record in widesceen?



They should record whatever the transmission is in. My video recorders do just that so I don’t see that a DVD recorder would be different.

I am trying to use a stand-alone recorder to “download” movies from a satelite company HD DVR. Since the broadcast is in HD, it is in Widescreen format. The DVD recorder I have only records the “pan-and-scan portion” of the movie, cutting off the edges. Does someone make a DVD Recorder that can be set to record broadcast HD format?

My Panny will record 16:9, but only on RAM discs.

Your problem is not the recorder, but your satellite receiver. Your receiver will not output 16:9 on the Svideo or composite outputs. One solution is to set your receiver to output a “squeezed” 4:3 image that has the 16:9 squeezed in. The when you play back the recording, you set the monitor to stretch it back out to 16:9. You should find these settings in the receivers setup menu. You’ll have to find the one that does what you want. With Dish receivers, you set it for a 16:9 monitor and it already does this on the analog outputs.

Another option is to record the same squeezed image, then re-author the disc on your PC with the image set to 16:9 in your authoring program.

Thanks! I’ll try that before I go out looking for a new DVD recorder! :slight_smile:

What outputs / inputs do you have?

As I understand it, conventional DVD recorders cannot record HD, but if there is a SCART connection available and the unit is set to output standard definition with widescreen, the SCART signals widescreen, and the DVD recorder should record it as widescreen.