Widescreen DVD Plug & Burn Software?

I have a Panasonic PV-GS500 which can record in 16:9 format. Anyone know what software will burn directly from my camera to a widescreen DVD?

I’ve got Roxio DVD Builder 7.0 that was bundled with my DVD burner. It has a feature called “Plug & Burn” which is what I’d like, except for two problems: 1. the MPEG quality isn’t that good (I think this might because it’s a “basic” version… maybe the higher tier product had better quality); 2. It doesn’t burn a wide-screen DVD: the image just seems squashed and tall.

The software that came with the camera will create a movie file that looks great, but I really just want something quick and dirty that’ll get an image at the quality taken by the camera onto a DVD as fast as possible without having to mess with getting an intermediate *.avi file.

Does anyone know what software out there will do this for me? Roxio has a $70 upgrade path for DVD builder, but I’d really like to know it can do what I’d like before shelling out the money, or if there’s another software package that’s better.



There are tons of softwares which support 16 9. Just search www.videohelp.com, and check the specs to see if it supports 16 9…