Widescreen dimension problems w/ Samsung

Hi guys

I’ve just bought a Samsung LCD, Samsung DVD recorder (DVD HR 736), and an LG digital set top box, and am using them together.

When I watch the TV through the DVD, but set to the set top box input, the dimensions of the widescreen are a bit off: - the top/ bottom and both sides are still a bit cropped, and it looks like the picture has been stretched a little bit too.

I’ve got component cables from set top to TV & from DVD to TV.
Standard antenna cable from wall into set top, set top to DVD, DVD to TV; plus RCA audios/Super Video from set top to DVD.

I’ve changed all the settings on the DVD, set top and TV and nothing! (Currently the TV is set to Widescreen, the set top to Auto, and the DVD to widescreen)

If someone could help me, it’d save my sanity… I want my dvd to be playing the right dimensions!!!

plus RCA audios/Super Video from set top to DVD

S-video is limited to 4:3 images, so perhaps you’re seeing a stretched image on the monitor if you happen to be watching that particular input. Simply a matter of adjusting your monitor’s aspect setting to match the input. The set-top box may be “squeezing” a 16:9 image into the 4:3 S-video output too, in which case setting the monitor to stretch it back out would be the fix.

If you intend to record to DVD via that S-video line, you must first set the receiver to display properly on that output. All receivers are different in this respect, but tell the receiver you’re watching on a 4:3 TV. I record a “squeezed into 4:3” image here, then stretch it back out on the monitor when I watch it.

Thanks heaps for this!
By selecting “Zoom” on the set top box, the picture is indeed returned to full 16:9 when it goes back through the DVD.

  • It’s a pity there’s no video in jack that supports a better image, like component cables… I take it S-Video is the best I can do at the moment?!?

The movie studios have effectively killed any hope of ever seeing DVD recorders with component inputs, so you’re stuck with S-video. That said, I get pretty good results recording HD content via S-video. I set the HD receiver to squeeze 16:9 to 4:3. I then record the image with the tall skinny people. Once recorded, I rip the video to PC and use an authoring program to re-author the video, AND set the aspect ratio to 16:9. This results in a disc with anamorphic 16:9 image that will display correctly on any monitor.