Widescreen bar problem with Avi video


Ok I burned this open source documentary in .avi format to a DVD-RW and it playes fine and looks fine on my player.

Except here is the problem the widescreen bars are HUGE. They look double the size they should normally be and the bars also seem to be divided into two different shades of black one slightly ligher than the other.

whats up?

id say convert to full screen, the use ifoedit to make widescreen :slight_smile:

hmmm…well it already is in widescreen and when I play it on the computer the bars look fine and are normal looking. Just for some reason when I play it on TV the bars come out retarted.

I can probably do what your talking about with Nero instead of downloading a new program that will just take up more space.

So Im thinking I will play around with Nero Recode or something, get rid of this nightmare. Anyone know what I can try in Nero to get rid of this widescreen problem

thanks haveacigar

ifo edit is free and is only 1.15mb

That could work sure, but I already have Nero and Im sure that does what your talking about already. If I just knew how, Im thinking I just have to convert it to a different format like Xvid, becuase my DVD player is probably just reading the avi file wrong or something.

thanks anyway

Nero lol

Use VirtualDubMod to resave the AVI file in a different codec & possibly resize if necessary.

BTW IfoEdit is for DVD Movies only not AVI files so don’t download it for this purpose at least.

woops, i thought he was converting it to vob first.

cool thanks guys

Computers don’t usually insert black bars when playing video files … unless it’s fullscreen.

I expect someone has (incredibly smartly at that) encoded it with the black bars intact :wink: