Widescreen aspect ratio with mainconcept

I’ve got a widescreen avi file here and when I encode it with Mainconcept to be DVD compliant it stretches the video out to fit full screen, I don’t know how to change this how do I get it to encode in widescreen?

You have to play around with Crop & Scale feature, a real pain in the butt. Check out and use The FilmMachine instead.

ah ok, with the help of some masking tape on my monitor I got it right lol


except now I seem to have another problem sigh, I set the average bitrate so that the file will come out to about 4400 and to fit on a dvd-r but it always ends up being about 3gig no matter how high I set it… stupid mainconcept

damn TMPGenc does the same thing, is my avi fucked up or something?