Wide Spread in price on TY & Mitsui

I was checking prices for media for my new (soon to arrive Lite-On LTR48126S) and there seems to be quite a range of prices.
Can these be purchased locally tipically? Like Comp USA or ? Thanks for any siggestions.

I saw 100pk Mitsui’s for $51, silver, etc, etc.

Watch for sales on Fuji, (TY), often at BestBuy. You can usually get them for under $.20/ea on sale. Normally they are $.40/ea in 50ct spindle.
The CompUSA here sells nothing but CMC in all it’s various incarnations.

Thanks, I’ll check on that…

I just bought 100 Fuji 48x at Best Buy for 7.99 after rebate :cool:

Saw that. How long does the rebate take, usually? Thanks.

How long does the rebate take, usually

Lets just say that if you are of retirement age, it’s not a good bet that you’ll see it. :bigsmile:

i bought some ram from best buy no to long ago that had a rebate, and it took so long to get it, that I forgot about it and wondered why i got a $15 check in the mail.

Originally posted by moregolf
Saw that. How long does the rebate take, usually? Thanks.

I don’t know :confused: still haven’t received the rebate from the ones that I bought 2 months ago :eek:

You remember how long ago it was when Yamaha 2100 came out ? I bought one with a $50.00 rebate…did any of you get my check by mistake ? :a

Like rdgrimes says…:frowning:

LOL…kwkard read what you said :confused: “not to long ago” but took so long you forgot :wink:

ok i guess i meant a while back. The funniest things come out when Im tired. But it did take a long time. When i got my external cd-burner last year (yes i know its slow), it took like 5 months to ge thte rebate on that.

Also, if you go to myrewards.info you can register and you will (They say) get you rebate within 20 days after you send the form in.

We’ll see. I just registered and sent the from in today…