Wide screen vs full screen

When backing up dvd’s is there a way to have a choice between wide screen and full screen? I am working on XXX and The Ring and can only create them in wide screen or is this the only choice for some movies. thanks

your talking about the movie only right.

well if you ripped the movie in dvd decrypter before u used dvd2one

your problem might be u didnt select the widescreen title set.

Usually (not always) the full screen title set is before the widescreen title set. which mean if u open up dvd decrypter select file mode its defaulted to select the movie vobs and ifo.
and if u have 2 different formats (widescreen and full) in 2 different title sets it will automatically pick beginning movie title set.

if thats the case look for another set of vobs that are as big as the others that dvd decryter automatically picks and rip those dont forget the ifo to that particular title set…

OK, thats what I thought. I used dvd decrypter on the Ring selecting all files but I only see 1 set of large vob files and they are wide screen.