Wide screen and full screen



when i run dvddecrypter, how do i know if i am getting the wide version of the movie or the full version. Can i have both and then use dvd2one?


Open your PC’s default DVD player. Choose something like open file or open source from its menu. Navigate to the DVD drive. Browse within the VIDEO_TS folder. There should be 2 VOB sets that are fairly similar in size. These are the wide screen and full screen version’s of the movie. Open one of the VOBs witth the DVD player and determine whether it belongs to the Wide Screen version or the Full Screen version. Fire up DVD Decrypter and download the VOB set that corresponds to the version you desire (e.g., VTS_03_1.VOB - VTS_03_4.VOB). Once the files are on your HD, you can run DVD2ONE with these files as the source.

To get both versions on one disc takes a bit of doing and can severely reduce the video quality. You may want to settle on only one version, make discs with a different version on each, or peruse this forum for guides on packing a lot on one disc.