Wicked scan results

Is there something wicked going on with my gsa-4163, mcc 02rg20 (verbatim) or my toshiba sd-m1712. What do you think?

Hyvää päivää,

What do you mean by wicked? Great?

Hauska tavata. :slight_smile:

Main Entry: 1wick·ed
Pronunciation: 'wi-k&d
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, alteration of wicke wicked
1 : morally very bad : EVIL
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  • wick·ed·ly adverb


It isn’t the fourth one.

Hehe, when people use “wicked” to discribe equipment it usually is the 4th definition.

But back to the problem. The difference is probably because the DVD you’re testing was a marginal burn and the LG is just showing of it’s better DVD error correction skills. The LG, despite being a slower reader does have excellent DVD error correction capabilities that lets it read marginal discs without slowing down like a lot of other drives will.

Well, at least the average speed was same.

Nice language. purskenopeus. lol

Classical bad burn! The Toshiba should read every “good” DVD with full speed. The 4163 dislikes most media. You can expect good 8x results only when using TY 8xDVD±R and never expect good 16x results.


Once again kaborka, we must cross swords. My LG does just fine on all my media and particularly well on MCC: see the scan here.


And there are plent of 16X scans here I would be proud of, MCC again!


That’s not that case that everynody has.