Wich uses more of the "internet" a Xbox360 or a PS3? Please help!

I have a Xbox 360 and my brother has a PS3 and a computer and when are internet gets slow on his computer or PS3 he always blames my Xbox. The only thing i use the xbox for is Netflix and to play black ops on live.
Can someone please help me out here and let me know if its my Xbox or his Ps3 thats “slowing” it down.

Hi and Welcome!

Netflix is video on demand, if I remember correctly. Depending on your internet connection, this can “eat up” a significant amount of the bandwidth available and cause slow downs for other computers in the network.

It is not a matter of Xbox vs. PS3, it’s a matter of individual usage.


I found the following results. No idea if they are true or not.

An Xbox 360 online play on average does 10MB download per hour and 6MB upload per hour.

A Playstation 3 online play on average does 25mb download per hour. No clue about the upload per hour.

Both require an high speed connection of course.