Wich one to buy..lg 4163b ..Pioneer 108 .. BenQ DW1620A



im going to be buying my first dvd recorder and im not sure what one to go with .
the choices that ive came up with are ,
lg 4163b
Pioneer 108
or the
BenQ DW1620A
and ive read the reviews and such but sence im such a n00b on dvd writers im not sure what one to get,
and so i was hopeing that some one could give me some advice on what drive to get and has the best/better performance in terms of not makeing costers all the time, and how reliable the drive would be. IE: i have a hp cdr/w drive thats 5 yrs old now and still works excelent like the day i got it.
what im going to be useing the drive for is backing up my console games and data backups, and backing up my vhs tapes over to dvd.


LG, of course, since this is an LG forum. :bigsmile:


In my opinion, pioneer is out of question. You can get cheaper burners that perform better (e.g., ND3500A).

If you want amazing overspeeding capabilities with many media types (i.e., burn crappy media at high speeds) as well as error checking with DVDINFOPRO go with BENQ. Please note that the RW writing quality of this burner is still not shining.

If you want a solid writer, which hardly overspeeds but provides superb quality burns on decent (hopefully) long lasting media, with DVD RAM capabilities for easy and error free and long lasting day by day backups, 16 PCAV writings and support for 8 +RW and 6 -RW then go for the LG.


The LG 4163 is much newer than either of the others.

I have an LG 4120 and NEC 3500, and the LG is the better “all round” drive.


ok well it looks like ill proboly be getting the lg 4163 drive .
a couple outher quistions though on this drive.

  1. what media works the best with this drive? IE: less errors / costers, and at the better writeing speed . ive read that with some drives certen media will not write at the speed it should. tdk , fuji or ?
    2.is there any specal prog i need to use to create ps2 and ps1 backups? or can i just copy disk to disk?

  2. is there any page here or else whare that list what all these different things are? so that i can readup on these things.IE: bitsetting , booktype, pcav and so forth.

and thx for all the info thuse far.