Wich one plextor or yamaha



I just sold my HP8100i because he cant write 80 min. cds.
I thinking to buy a plextor 2x4x20 or
yamaha 4x4x16 or 4x6x16.
wich one is best?


I have Plextor 4/2/20. It’s a VERY good burner. reliable (SCSI, Large Buffer) and supports overburning. Together with a Plextor 40X reader, it’s a very powerfull combination.
I haven’t tryed Yamaha, so I don’t know if they are good.


Buy a Teac The Best


i have a yamaha 6416s and i love it


i have a teac 6x24 and plextor 8x20 and they bur any thing, dont waste money on a re writter nether use it.


teac is the way to go


I use plextor 4x12 & 40max reader, and works VERY good.
Teac seems to be very good also. (good quality for a good price, plextor is more expensive.)


i use nero and i read the cd with my ide 32x and record 6x with my yamaha 6416…nice combo
i only have prase for my yamaha…and the way i understand it,gcd’s were made on yamaha’s


Buy yourself a Teac.
Lot of trouble with yamaha. Not when it comes to burning but to the recorder itselfs.
My friend has a shop and he told me a lot of the yamahaburners come back for repair.
Of course there are people who never got any trouble with yamaha…


One for the one never talked about. HP 7570. Based on JVC 2480. Didn’t plan on buying it, but couldn’t pass it up at $99 when they first came out. At the time there was no info on it anywhere (even HP site). Turned out to have a 2 Meg buffer, overburns and does 80 Minute CDs. It’s 2X2X24 and I never burn anything faster than 1X (I hate coasters). Never had a problem with it other than the crappy Adaptek software that came with it. At a regular street price of about $170 US, it’s a pretty good CDR.


Plextor or Yamaha ?

Or else, a Philips is also a really good writer.


I’ve got a Yamaha CRW4416S. I can copy just about everything. I copied about 140 cd’s in a couple of days. No problem whatsoever.
Do have a SCSI Plexter 40 (Ultraplex)reader. Especially for audio cd’s the best there is.


It is not a plextor or a yamaha.
I bought a 8x TEAC and i love it.

Thanks everybody for advise.