Wich one is better burner?

Hi all. As newbie and as I want to buy a writer I´was hoping you could help me choose the best burner…
I´m undecided by the TEAC 12x10, the HP 12x8 and the Plextor 12x10. I´m not sure but is the Plextor 12x10 supported by Windows Me?

I´m sure you all agree on Plextor, and the ppl I talk to who knows what they´re talking about also recomends it to me, but in comparison with Teac, is it much better? Teac also has Burn-proof and it´s a bit cheaper…but does the Plex compensates in any way? And what´s that?
The use I´m giving it is not very special, it´s to record data and music specially.
Another doubt I have about it, is that I didn´t saw on Plextor site the Windows Me support for the 1210 model…and I have the WMe.

You could perhaps search the different fora here, this question ‘Which is the best’ has been asked many times before.

But it depends very much on what you would like to do with it. If you want to backup mostly games, you might want to reconsider buying a plextor (which is the best on almost any point), because of its incompatibility witH SafeDisc 2 protections.

If it is for Audio only (or mostly) I recommend Plextor if you want the best quality. Teac is great as well, especially considering their lower prices.

Usually Plextor wins all the awards when it comes to quality, Teac is usually the one with a better quality/price ratio

Thx Tassman! You were helpful :slight_smile: