Wich mpeg card for dvd



I have a toshiba dvd 8x40x
What would be the best mpeg card to watch dvd movies on a tv with it.(I do’nt want a videocard with a tv-out!)
I’ve searched for the Hollywood+ card but they do’nt sell them over here.
Does anybody know if the creative or guillemot card is any good??


The Creative card is not too bad. Try Scan in the UK for the Hollywood+ card http://scan.co.uk I’m sure that they will post it to Belgium. If not, mail me and I’ll see if I can help.
Scan were charging £43 plus tax today.
Best wishes from England.


I’ve got a Realmagic Hollywood+ Mpeg2 card! It’s the best! A friend of my has the Creative Encore, but I (and he to) find mine better! They say that the cable from Mpeg card to Videocard is better!
good luck with it!


Hate to admit I feel for Creatives advertising campain, but I did and married a Dxr3 card to my DvD. And now I’m thinking “divorce” I’m not to happy with the thing. And can’t recomend it to anyone else. As to alternatives…???

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Azazel (have you “fallen”?) the DXR3 card is a hollywood+ plus card. Reinstall it with the actual Hollywood plus drivers and you should find an improvement.


yep, I also found out that the drx3 card is a hollywood+ card.
So a ordered that one (I hope I do’nt regred it)
I will have the whole thing in 2weeks

I know it’s a bit late (because I already ordered it) but will this combination work an a p166mmx with 96Ram to watch the dvd movies on a tv-screen?


It should be ok as the MPEG card is doing all the work. I used to run a DXR2 card in a 200MMX with no problems at all. Mail me if you need help with patches, software or anything.


I plan on buying a toshiba 8x/40x
Doesn’t there come an mpeg card with the device?


Not usually mate, what does the advertisement say?


Talking of a Toshiba DVD. I just bought one. I have a PIII 500, 128 MB and Viper V770.
I use Powerdvd 2.0. My problem is that whenever I watch a movie and things go fast my picture goes bad. I thought that with my specs I should have no problems.
Any Ideas?


Buy a Mpeg-card!


Tony… I use Dimond’s Vipper 770 also. You still should use the decoder (MPEG card) It does the work that software like SoftDvD does without utilizing the resouces of your CPU.

Skelly… ThankX, but I found the problem. Win 98 has a bad habbit of sharing IRQs between multimedia devices. I assigned the Dxr3 it’s very own and now the card seems 100% more stable… Still I think I’ll download the drivers.

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I am using the Matrox G400 32mb/DH and can run DVD movies without an Mpeg card. Good quality, no hick-ups connected to a separate TV while in the meantime browsing the internet. Matrox rulez!!


Azazel… glad you sorted it mate. Was the MPEG card in PCI slot 1, next to the AGP video card?


I use Software Cinemaster for my DVD decoding on my PII 350 w/ Creative UltraBlaster Riva TNT2 Ultra vid card and toshiba DVD 2X…works great, no need to buy a card. You can find it and links to it at www.dvdutils.com or www.dvdpiracy.com