Wich modem?

I got a Diamond SupraExpress 56e Pro and I get connections about 48000 bps only, I´d read that it won´t do more. Is that true ?
Is there any way for flashing it up to get better connections ?
Which Modem(s) will use the whole 56000 bps ?

Thanx in advance !

I think it depends on your Internet Servise Provider (ISP), I have a US Robotics 56K Modem and I have been connecting at different speeds depeding the time.

My ISP: 3Com Network (USA) let me connect at maximun 54666 bps, but sometimes I get 52000 or less. I had used other ISP company before that could not let me pass the 50000 bps.

So maybe its not the Modem problem :1

I tried different ISP´s too, but it never passed the 48000 bps !
Maybe i had to use an US Robotics too !

Thanx for your reply !

whatever you choose to buy, just don’t get a “winmodem”. here’s the reasons why not to get a winmodem:

  1. it uses the CPU resources up
  2. if you get a dedicated hardware modem, you won’t notice as much of a slowdown
  3. winmodems are bad for online gaming
  4. the hardware modem might actually be slightly faster even when using the same ISP and settings
    and reason number 5 not to get a winmodem:
  5. the price of a hardware modem isn’t that much more, so you’re not losing too much money if you buy a hardware modem instead.

With 56k it also matters how far your modem is from your telephone switch, the closer the better.