Wich is your best file manager for u?



I uses Directoty opus
U ??


cmd.exe or bash :slight_smile:


Explorer.exe :bigsmile:


Depends on what level of control you want. I come from a command line background (UNIX, DOS) and as a result am used to a more direct access to the file structure. My current favorite file manager is PowerDesk. Available for trial download from http://www.v-com.com/download/index.html



A what? What for? The only manager I use (haven’t for a while though) is DVD Profiler for my DVD collection. There used to be a program by Norton Symantec called Navigator. What a waste of freaking money.


Total commander or just “Windows Key” E :slight_smile:


FAR Manager

For Windows, with plugins, FTP client and looking like good old Norton, altough somewhat better :smiley:

It’s great :bow:


:bigsmile: i’ve used power desk since the first month or two that i had a pc. luv it. i’m at pd4 nowadays. and, even though they’re not updating it any longer, i’ll use it until i can’t use it any longer.

:bow: :bow: :bow: pd4 makes a lot of things much easier to do…


Total Commander :smiley:


Windows :slight_smile:


cant remember what its called. i think its x-term? lol