Wich is the best dvd/r/rw dl in the market?

I have being trying to open a pc distibution part store for some months now and im trying to recopilate some info about all dvd ROM and R , i found that Lite-on, pioneer, LG,proxtor and samsung are some of the best there are out there but most of the magazines seems to give the big known companies some plus in revews and on the internet the reviews are more eaven… my question is wich ones r the best options in reliability and performance in other words… that burns realy good and read almost a rock in the drive

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This question was asked many and many times, but the answer is always the same: there is no “best” burner.

Burning quality is related to the combination burner/firmware/media. The most variable factor in this equation is the media: it happen that in the same box there can be good quality media and good quality coasters (it happened to me with a box of RICOHJPNR03 media :frowning: )

because of that so high variability, no burner can be considered the best.

Most of nowdays DVD burners are good hardwares. Liteon, LG, Pioneer, NEC, BenQ, Sony, Plextor all them (I list them in random order :wink: ) produce good drives.

Each review give different results because there is a great variability between the factors involved in burning, again the burner itself, the firmware used for the review, and the batch of media used.

As a rule of thumb, any burner is good, providing to use the correct firmware (usually but not always the latest available) and [B]good quality media[/B].

Using good quality media, basically any burner give good results. There can be subtile differences, but for the mean user all burners give basically the same results.