Wich Geforce company is the Best

I know that the Geforce 4600 series is produced by a couple companys using nividas chip set. what I was wondering is wich company makes the better card PNy,Asus,Visontek etc. THANX :bigsmile:

Depends what you use it for, I like Gainward cards as they have nice overclocking potential, and great image quality.

The sig isn’t that strange.

I’ve seen in online games, people with ings of -18/-20/-2.


Generally Gainward ones are the most overclockable for Ti4600, especially their higher-grade “Golden Sample” series, which have even faster memory.

I don’t have any benches here, but you should take image quality in consideration more than simple speed or overclockability, as you’ll be getting plenty of that with most 4600s.

Would the Gainward beat out a Visontek or an Asus right out of the box or do you have to overclock it first? :confused:

Visiontek is going out of business…

Gainward and Leadtek are generally understood to be the best overclockers and usually have high quality output. Asus is a good brand, but nothing special in terms of overclocking. Chaintech has some nice ones, covered in gold…I own a Geforce 2 GTS from ELSA and a Geforce 3 Ti500 from Visiontek…both seem to have good output…and both seem to be going out of business or backing off videocards.

Thanks for the reply I think im going to get a Leadtek.I know this is a newbie question but how do you overclock a graphics card and are there any dangers in overclocking. By that i mean dose it wear out the card quicker or damage it.:slight_smile:

Overclocking can potentially damage your card. That’s why it voids your warranty. Just increase the speed incrementally, test it thourougly, and then increase a bit more. When you get artifacts and innaccuracies, you know you are at the limit so move it down 5 or 10 MHZ and leave it. Programs like Rivatuner or NVmax can overclock the card through Windows painlessly. If you want a more permanent fix (that won’t be affected by screwed up OS and the like, plus it works under ANY OS) download the Nvidia BIOS editor from www.x-bios.3dgames.ru and use either the latest BIOS from there (either for your card or the Nvidia reference BIOS for the model) or using your current BIOS (by clicking “read from memory”) and edit the speed. The editor can also enable fast write, side band addressing, and you can change the boot-up message. It’s probably better to test the speed using software and when you find the optimal settings, flash a BIOS. To flash you use nvflash and a dos diskette. Hope this helps.

Gainward Golden sample cards can be overclocked to a certain level without voiding the warranty :bigsmile:

I have a Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti200, which I overclocked both memory and core speeds and still use the standard heatsink/fan.

Original clock settings for this card: 175 Core & 400 Memory.
My new stable overclocked settings: 240 Core & 500 Memory.

The new overclocked speeds are the same as the Ti500.
Although I will point out that I have a well vented case and I have used Artic Silver 3 between the chipset and heatsink.

I don’t mean to boast about my clock settings (LOL SURE!) but simply saying that Leadtek certainly make rock solid GPU’s.

I don’t mean to boast about my clock settings (LOL SURE!) but simply saying that Leadtek certainly make rock solid GPU’s.

Wrong-o!The Gpus themselves are built by TSMC for Nvidia in Taiwan.They are then integrated onto the Videocard by the company,eg Leadtek!

Damn!! I knew that someone would pick up on it!! I have this bad habbit of calling Graphics Cards “GPU’s”. I should have said that Leadtek make rock solid “3D Accelerated Turbo Thrusted Fuel Injected Winds Protected Double Jointed Kick Ass Graphics Cards”, but that would be too long to type now wouldn’t it???

Anyway Bhairav, thanks for the correction all the same.

not sure about the Ti 4400 and 4600 but the best Ti 4200 for overclocking is the one from MSi. Clocks to Ti 4600 speeds with half decent case cooling! :eek: