Wich DVDRW to burn pertected movies

I want to buy a DVD burner to copy pertected movies im using Copx and express my HP 215i wouldnt do it.
Will Pioneer or Nec or what will burn pertected movies.:bow:

Well, copying movies with protection hasn’t too much to do with the writer, nor with the reader, but with the software!

If you rip your DVD with software like DVD Decrypter or Smartripper (for links, see my signature!), the protections won’t bother…
Alternatively, you can get a copy of AnyDVD, as this programs enables you to rip protected movies on the fly. AnyDVD can be downloaded from http://www.slysoft.com

or you can use

dvd shrink 2.3 …which is freeware

and nero …or copy2dvd …

just a suggestion …

and yes dee-ehn …is exactly right on what he is saying too but we all have our favorties …also just a hint … I found i get better burns on +R disc …dont know if anyone else has similiar experience …but that is just me


If you are using DVD x Copy Xpress, which performed very well in our tests, then you might need to get yourself a DVD recorder indeed. Your HP 215i seems to be a tape storage device. With e.g a Pioneer A06 or a NEC-1300A you will be fine, of course there are also many other brands to take a look at. For more information you should take a look in our Recording Hardware Forum.

I’m very happy with the latest beta of DVD Shrink. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s quite fast. The result can easily be burned with Nero.