Wich dvd burner to buy?

i want to buy a new burner as replacement for my current dvd drive (wich is dying)
i was thinking to but the nec 3550 but i’m having a few things i really want with the drive:
1 i must be able to flash the firmware to region free
2 it must burn my arita 8x dvd+r’s higher then 2.4x
the last one is because i also have a nec 1300A with the R1 1.08 holiday firmware flash from iggy but for some reason it wont burn any higher then 2.4x …

so i kinda want to know if anybody has any advice on wich burner i could buy.
i have around €60 to spend
to see a pricewatch from NL go here: http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/cat/350

To your choice of discs, change them. Arita are Riteks own brand for their low quality discs, B grade generally, and give it is 8x I would say they are G05, which has a poor reputation for longevity. Verbatim or TYs are a better choice.

You could go and look at the reviews of different drives in the drives section of the forum annd see which ones spark your fancy. Then ask for comparisons here. I like my BenQ but I also liked my NEC before it. I would go for anydvd for region free as it will work with any drive.