Wich DVD burner do you recommend for the best booktype option?



Hi! I have a Toshiba RD-XS32 PVR who only support DVD-R.

Actually it’s very easy to find DVD+R DL but for DVD-R DL it’s another story.

I need a DVD burner who support booktype for DVD+R DVD+R DL and DVD+RW.

Wich one is the best?

I have read many review but I’m not sure of my choice. (Pionner???)

I want to pay fair price.


P.S. By the way, I have replace in my Toshiba PVR the dvd burner for an LG, but some feature is now missing like cd audio playback. Do you know a way to find a new burner who is fully compatible with my toshiba pvr?


Myself I like the Pioneers and I have flashed the FW on both which allows auto booktyping +R’s to DVD-ROM’s . You might try going into the burner forums and read up on a few threads and it might help you make up your mind


if you want good all around drive with lots of options i would suggest a Lite-On 20A4P. however i prefer my Pioneer 115D for burning. :slight_smile:

and they both support book type bit setting, using either Settings Utility [lite-on] or MCSE [pioneer]