Wich Celeron to overclock?



I posted a question a time ago what dual celeron system to build, chinolis gave me some usefull advise that I’m gonna follow.

I’m going to buy an Abit BP6 (Dual)Mobo
but now the two processors I’m putting in are buggin me I have the choise between a 300 and a 400, they’re both overclockable to about 500 Mhz according to www.hwupgrade.com
but the 300 seems to be faster, (runs at 112Mhz, 400 runs at 83Mhz)

What do you all think?

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Of course if you want it around 500Mhz, Celeron 300@ 4.5x112= 504Mhz should be faster than Celeron 400@ 6x83= 498Mhz.

But Celeron 300 is not faster than the 400, because if you overclock Celeron 400 to 100Mhz (6x100=600), you can get 600Mhz!!

The more you overclock it the more is the heat, so don’t be too ambitious the 1st. time, temperature is very important, keep your cpu cool and Good Luck


all 366 ppga celerons reach 550 with ease