Wich CD writer is better? Plex or LG

I´m quite new to quality scanning an tested my Verbatim Double Layer + 48x on my 2 CD writers, the Plextor 230A and The LG 8526B.
Now I tried the with different speed too. 48x and 24x.
i must admit, they look quite similar to me.
I´d be grateful if someone could give me a hint what to look for to pick the better writer and speed.

Where did that C2 spike come from on a CD :confused:


The spike,
is it in pic 4 at the position 80? What does it mean?
I´ve had quite a lot of trouble writing these Verbatim cd´s.
I tried them too with my Pioneer 109 and with the BenQ 1640. They all had errors at the end of the CD and could´t finish them successfuly.
Only my Plextor doesn´t have any trouble with them.

It ain’t good brother, something went fubar on that disc and I dont have a clue what. My plextor works good with CD’s, the 1640 so so.

Assuming the 1640 is a decent C1/C2 scanner, the Plextor wins. Both drives produced discs without C2 errors which is excellent. This is, again, according to the 1640 which may or may not report C2 properly.


I tried two more writers, my Pioneer 109 and the BenQ. In both cases I got at the end of the writing process with Nero a message that finalizing the media with disc at once failed.
Now could it be, that it is besause I´m slightly overburning the disk? Actually I do that quite often and never had Probs with it.
I started an overburning test and got the following results:
needed capacity on the disk: 80:31:27
max. capacity available on Verbatim Datalife+: 81:56:54
Shouldn´t make problems.

Any suggestions?

Is your Pioneer 109 a Non retail packaged pioneer (So a OEM, No-nice retail box, or other companny on the box ?) If yes then Overburning might be the problem.
Pioneer seems to have crippled some versions of there drives slightly when it comes to overburning or might this again be another NERO bug ??

Verbatim Double Layer

?? haven’t seen these is this some new marketing term verbatim has come up with in some regions or do we now have also double layer cd-r’s. :wink:

My Pioneer is a DVR-109 XLA, bought it as a bulk version at a computershop. Was tested as good in the CT-Magazin.

The funny thing is, that I get such results also with my LG GCE-8526B CD writer.

And my BenQ 1640 couldn´t finish the CD either.

Because of that Verbatim Double Layer I must excuse myself - I was tired as I wrote that Post - I meant Data Life Plus (DL+):o :o :o

Is it possible that the media is no good?
It´s a spindel Verbatim Data Life Plus made in China - I had heard that it is supposed to be good quality.

Discs are fair quality - overburning often cause trouble. I haven’t done it for some years. First i thought it was clever, then i had a lot of non working discs, so i don’t recommend it. If you absolutely want to overburn cd you need right discs and writer but in the end you might want not to overburn. If it’s data backup just put it on dvdr and load with Daemon tools or such :wink:

in this case it´s about filesharing movies. They come in a bit bigger as the capacity of the disk. But I actually never had problems with this before and I´m in it for a few years.
Well if the scan in Pic 1 is okay, I can settel with that.

It wouldn’t trust it too much.
Overburning is gernally not a really good choice, CJ2 posted the better way. :wink:

BTW, (LA) CRASH is a cool movie (but can’t beat SIN CITY, hehe).

If it were for me I´d follow CJ2 - no problem. But I burn quite a lot for family members with standalone players.
so…what would you say to the Pic 1?
Whats the highest a C1 peak should reach?

:confused: What does it change? :confused:

Overburning is always risky, I definitly backup CJ2 and Chef on this one. :iagree:

Another interesting thing is that from hat I know, the 1640 does NOT report C2 errors on CDs (despite being advertized so), unless it’s been implemented in some recent firmware? It looks like a glitch.

Anyway the best advice is: don’t overburn.

“Whats the highest a C1 peak should reach?”
There is no definitive reply to this question, as all scanners report C1 errors differently. On LiteOn scans, it’s been said that max should not exceed 150. No idea about what the max should be on the Benq.

Anyway as long as there are no C2 errors and the average C1 levels are under 10 everything is fine.

And to reply to your first question, your best burn is the Plextor @24X (lower average C1, constant and low jitter).

Officially It does report up to some level but not with this NERO CD SPeed version.

I´ve been testing CD´s a bit with CD-DVDspeed 4.0.1 as seen above. Now I´ve upgraded to CD-DVDspeed 4.0.7 and testing the same CD gives me totaly different results. I´ve even tested the same CD twice an got different results - Quality score 80 and 85.
Now can I use CD-DVDspeed to figure out how the quality of a CD is ?
Wich version is recommended ?

Nothing to do with the software versions, it’s the drive that reports different results each time. This is normal, specially if the initial burn is of average quality. :wink:

CDSpeed only reports what the drive does.

Is it possibel to get a more precise result from another drive?
Like a plextor premium for example with the Plextools?

There will always be variations between scans performed at different times, whatever the drive (dust, temperature, plenty of small parameters…). Average burns will show more variations than excellent burns. But to reply to your question, maybe the LiteOn drives will show less variation. I don’t know about the Plextors.