Wich can i use?

apparently, in my area the famous writers like the Lite-ON’s - ain’t available so i just want you to tell my wich of these writers is the recommended and able to backup all the game with all the protections and use the best DAO-RAW and so on…



this page is also helpful:
LG supported writers

thx a lot 4 your help to me, poor guy…

GCE-8160B - ATAPI/IDE - - RAW-DAO 96 RAW+96 RAW+96

GCE-8320B - ATAPI/IDE - - RAW-DAO 96 RAW+96 RAW+96

these 2 drives have 2 “sheeps” according the clonecd webside

that means it can copy the latest safedisk protected games

and these writers can backup any game with any protection?
and what is the meaning of the number after the RAW?

yes they can backup every game or application…but it says nothing about protected music cd’s

the number /96 means it can read all subchannels on a cd…

the subchannels contain some extra information, that is sometimes needed to run a copy

every game but motoracer 3

can be…i do not like race games…what protection does it have

is it a reading problem or a writing problem

ohh… so why Lite-ON is so famous?
and i might want to ask…where can i learn all these things?
thx in advance

just read the “lite-on” part of this forum