Wich burning applications does simultaneous multiple burning

I have storm recordnow max 4.5 but it doesnt support double layer media.
Is there a modern version of this aplication that does burn same image to all drives conected to a pc ?

Nero Burning ROM can burn the same content to multiple recorders simultaneously, but there’s a limit to the number of simultaneous drives with the retail version of Nero.

Your system will probably set its own limits, however.

sure, Nero could do the job too, but I would like to know if there are another options, so friendly as recordnow max 4.5 one.

I don’t know if can be an option, but if your system is fast enough you can open multiple instances of imgburn and do multiple burnings in this way.

Roxio supports multiple burners simultaneously, just as Nero does. I reckon it’s friendlier than Nero.