Wich burner with 02RG20 disks?

Hi all
I have bought 200disks Datawrite 02RG20 8x, and now im going remplace my old dvd burner. My first option is the Benq 1640, but in the forum are talking that it isnt very good to burn MCC disks. In the other hand is the NEC3540, but im not very sure about its quality :S.

If u can help my…

PD: Sorry for my bad engilsh, im spanish :S

No problems with Verbatim MCC02RG20 here with DW1640 at 8x speed.

But the NEC will do good with Verbatim MCC02RG20 too - so it’s your pick.

Personally I find the DW1640 to be an overall better drive when all aspects is considered.


I have seen a some quality scans of de NEC, and with MCC does very well, but have some issues with TY and other disks
I will purchase the Benq, but inst so cheap compared to the nec. Here in spain is dificult to get the benq, anyway, i will get from Germany.

What issues with Taiyo Yuden? Yes, the NEC’s own scans suggest it would be b0rked, but it isn’t.