Wich burner do you guys have



I was interested, wich burner all others have. I don’t have a expensive writer myself , a Traxdata CDRW2260+, but i intend of buying a newone.
I would like to buy the Plexrewriter 12/4/32
Anyone got some good, or bad experiences with?



Plextor: good idea. I’ve got one (2) myself: 8/2/20 and 40reader.
THE great advantage: SCSI!!!
I don’t think the 12/4/32 is SCSI (but I’m not sure) If it is: BUY!!!

Greetz Liquidsky


Shit, because it’s scsi-3 or what


-Plextor PXW-8432a (8/4/32) IDE-

I had a 2 speed Mitsumi before this one… and this Plextor is f**king fast!


I’ve got a plextor 8/4/32 IDE
He’s very fast and I can play Quake 3 Arena while burning!!
Great writer


And wich system specs do you have


I got an philips 4 4 32

I didn’t buy scsi, because i don’t know if i can make an harddisk image on my IDE drive and then burn it on a scsi!

I think that isn’t possible, because IDE is slower than an 8 burner right?

Cya, wannabe


I’ve got a Yamaha 4416 IDE and a Plextor 8x4x32, getting in this week, but the Yamaha has been a very good writer, no coasters yet, that havn’t been my falt. Will post back with my results with the new Plextor. Both I understand are very good writers.



hey wannabe, maybe you should “wannabe” more educated on computers, eh? OF COURSE YOU CAN BURN TO A 8X DRIVE FROM AN IDE HD!!! 8x is fast for cdr(w) drives, but in relation to a hard drive of any kind, the HD blows the burner away! so for future references, you CAN burn to any speed cdr(w) drive from an IDE HD.



But i am not a wannabe, i just needed a name.

You become despered after about 10.000 times trying a nickname


Oh yeah, one qeustion : If I just buy an scsi burner, can i burn on the fly(i have an IDE cd-rom)?


Wanabe: Yes you can burn on the fly.

I got a Yamaha 4416 and a Yamaha 6416.
Both are good writers.

Now a question:
Wich CDR can you take for writing with a Plex 12x? How much cost the Plex 12x?



When u buy a burner buy a plextor or teac!


big daddy


I’ve got the Plextor PX-R412C and the and plextor PX40TS, they rule!!



The plex cost around 400 $


I’ve got a Mitsumi CR-4801 TE (4x) and a HP 7200i (2x)!
And I’ve just ordered 2 8-speed plextors! Hope they will come soon!


Hi huys,
I’ve recently purchased the Sanyo 12x/4x/32x SCSI. It is the burner on which Plextor “based” their 12x/4x/32 SCSI. (They rebranded it) The difference is the front of the burner; on the Plextor it reads Plextor (duh) and it has a seperate play-button which the Sanyo doesn’t have. Furthermore they are identical, except for the price. The Sanyo costs about 50 US$ less than the Plextor. About the burner itself; it rocks ! Using Nero I burned a 80min CD (filled to the max) in 7 minutes ! It’s a breeze to work with and everything works like it should. Shame about the lack of CloneCD support though…One advice; use only branded media (I use Philips Silver Premium) capable of 8x or higher or you’ll have one more coaster to put your drinks on ! Final thought; If you want to have the Plextor 12x/4x/32x save yourself the extra 50 US$ and buy the Sanyo !


I have a Matshita CW-7502 (4x recording SCSI-2) and it’s terrible, particulary for audio…


Plexwriter 8/20
UltraPlex 40Max

As far as I know, all SCSI CD/CDR/CDRWs are either Fast SCSI-2 or Ultra SCSI-2 and use a 50-pin SCSI-2 Interface.

The only exception is the Plextor 40max UltraPlex Wide, which uses a 68-pin cable.



Me Personally it would have to be Yamaha all the way. In fact 4x4x16 scsi

thank you