Wich ata drive should i get pioneer 112d or the liteon lh-201ap

wich is better for burning and ripping? and less noisy

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I have the LiteOn 20A1H (the LightScribe version of the drive), and for ripping it’s excellent. Only downside is some of them can be noisy. But personally I’d overlook that as it’s a great ripper (and good at reading discs that have deteriorated or aren’t well-kept).

Edit: I don’t often use mine for burning (it’s my main ripping drive), but it burns pretty well: http://club.cdfreaks.com/1928570-post265.html :wink:

I don’t have the 112D, so can’t comment there.

Rip with the Liteon and burn with Pioneer.:iagree:

The pioneer is an excellant burner :bigsmile: but being that I have 2 of them I rip with the 112D and burn with the 112L