Wi-Fi Sharing

Right, i’ll try and explain.

Within range of my PC are two Wi-Fi connections, one is my home ADSL connection, the other is the family next door. Both mine and next doors connections are wireless modem/routers plugged direct into the phone lines. Next door have told me their keys for their connection so I can connect from my PC.

What I was wondering was… If i got a second wi-fi dongle, could I connect to both my home and next doors at the same time. Which would be handy for say, playing a game on one connection, and downloading on the other.

Is this at all possible? Can Windows even manage to distribute the workload between two connections?

All help appreciated!

You have exceptionally generous neigbors. :iagree:

well, they’re like 50, and they only use it when their kids come home. Besides it was me that set it up :smiley:

Does anyone have any advice on this then?

I think what you’re after is called ‘load balancing’. Some expensive routers have them. I think a software called WinGate can do that too.