Why you resign RG?



i need someone to back me up on the hardware burning forums…i feel all alone… :confused:


WTF? I’ve never seen you before in this forum? No wonder you’re lonely.


You should venture into the hardware forums sometimes…reason i posted here is its a general subject and not a forum specific one.

anyware RDGrimes thanks for you help with being a moderator good luck in whatever you decide to do. :wink:


Retired. I’m now a gentleman of leisure. I’m not going anywhere, just no longer have to answer to anyone but me. :wink: No cares, no worries.

Thanks to all the nice people who have sent messages.


delete post plz


good to see your staying…


Man, you retired … bummer! :sad: :frowning: :sad:


Must be a heavy duty, moderating here. With all those burnouts :wink:


Hakuna matata…