Why WriteMaster may not be ReadMaster. DVD-R detected as blank

WriteMaster is a master in DAE of damaged discs, and writes CD masters like a master.

But several DVD-Rs, even recorded by the device itself, are detected as blank!

Can anybody technically explain that?

Low quality media, high speed recording, defective drive… many things can go wrong.

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Low quality? Also Verbatim (MKM) and RiTEK DVDs are affected by it. However, PrincoBudget is not.
High speed recording? A quality scan does result into pretty good quality.
The disc drive reads everything else fine (sometimes, DVD+R is also detected as blank or missing sessions, but very rarely).

How many megabytes have you written to the disc?
You should write no less than 1GB or some drives will detect them incorrectly as blank…

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WriteMaster is just a marketing word by Samsung.
Just like they call their DVD-ROM drives " ReadMaster"
their monitors “SyncMaster”,
their mobile phones “Anycall” etc…

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The blank detection happens also on full discs.
Even if it is not full, a disc drive should not detect it as empty.

It was a WriteMaster™ SH-S182.

The recording quality of “WriteMaster™” (creative name!) is actually pretty good. But didn’t match the HL-DT-ST BE14NU40, which recorded so well, that even a low quality CD-RW (from SK, eBay, €2 for 10 discs) was readable by my father’s Technics SL-PJ26a compact disc CDDA player from 1989.

Disadvantage of TSST: No read during spin-up. (LiteOn does it very well).

What is (not) supported:


  • Reads PrincoBudget rarely. Fails miserably.
  • MEMOREX DVD-R: Only reads session 1 and considers disc as fonalized.
  • Fails reading ISY MBI 01RG40 sometimes.

Write Master™ SH-S182:

  • Only reads PrincoBudget without trouble.
  • MEMOREX: Same as BE14NU40: Only finds first disc session and disc appears finalized.

Actually, the S182 allows overwriting a DVD-R and also +R sometimes.

So LiteOn SmartErase/Asus eHammer (I don’t like those, because they demolish the idea of WORM discs) already existed in 2006.

The S182 is a disc drive I got from school garbage.
Maybe, it is dusty inside or has been used very intensively?

That’s it probably. Defective drive.
And it is not able to burn CD-RW.
Surprisingly, it still burns and reads DVD-RW,+RW. Not sure about DVD-RAM.

Probably the CD laser/diode is dead or very weak. I have ancient Asus DVD burner that quit reading/burning CDs just after the warranty expired - it still reads and burns DVD without problem.

I can confirm.
It has a terrible error correction for CD-RW.
But better than the Pioneer DVR-x07, which indicated “no disc” for CD-RW and “disc error” for DVD-R but reads DVD-RW. That Pioneer was used in a DVD recorder, so it never burned any CDs, despite the drive does not fail reading blank CDs. However, I adjusted the laser potentiometer up. Now, burning DVDs does not even start and only produce hiccups (I should not burn DVDs anyway with increased potentiometer) but all reading is fine again, except the error correction for pressed CDs deterioated. Too much reflection?

Back to S182, it burns CD-R, but fails burning CD-RW HS (others not tried). It can only erase CD-RWs. Even a normal burn finishes and leaves a visible trace, even at Ă—4 underspeed, but always results into blank CD-RW.

I am surprised, why DVD-R is detected as blank, DVD-RW however works perfectly (except RITEKW1 burned with SE-208DB).

One more notice:
Nothing else handles DVD+RW damage as good as WriteMasterS182, not even BE14Nu40 or SE208 or the TeEsEsTee TS-L633.

I miss Te-eS-eS-Tee soo much.
They ditched us with HeadacheLife’s drives.