Why would my burner burn from 48x down to 12x or 2x even

i have a lite-on 52246s 52x When I first installed my burner, it was fine, I loved it. I knew that there was nothin better on
the market, I knew I’d bought the best burner on the market.

although in the beggining it was under a different operating system, then it was under win_me. butnow i have win98 installed and it will not burn at anything higher than 16x. i went into the device manager and tried too change the DMA settings and a unsupported hardware notice pops up informing me that making changes of this type may have undesirable effects on myhardware.

then the lite-on burner won’t accept the settings once i exit the window or restart the pc it’s back to the way it was before i changed it. when i run the nero CD speed test it starts out at 18x and then goes down to 15x, 14x,12x, 09x, 06x, 05x, and even sometimes down to 2x.

I’ve had buffer under run’s 50 times at least; it’s crazy. I’ve downloaded and installed the new firm ware Version R526S0C for my burner and nothing has changed didn’t help at all. I’ve down loaded the newest version of nero

nothing has changed, and i have the nero burner version that came with the lite on burner i have. before i bought the burner i had gotten a version from a friend. version, although that could be the wrong version of the software on the disc it was copied for me. none the less it won’t burn at anything higher. does it have something too do with my version of windows? is there a patch i can find? is the a utility I can use to find out the problem? What can I do?

You are trying to burn in PIO mode, which will not work. Got to be DMA on all drives. If Windows will not accept DMA on the drive, have a look at your BIOS settings, maybe it’s truned off there.

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In win 98, as you have indicated, DMA setting is in device manager under the entry for the drives, be sure that ALL the drives are set for DMA and ignore any warnings.
In your BIOS, ther should be some kind of setting for auto-detection of the CD drives. Another possible cause for this might be the IDE cable and/or jumper settings, IDE configuration (mixing drive types). It really depends on your particular board and drivers. BTW, be sure you have the best IDE drivers for your board. VIA boards might perfer VIA drivers, others may use the default Windows drivers.
You indicate that you have changed OS, so driver issues might be possible.

where would i find out how to change the mode from pio to something different

What is your IDE configuration? How are the drives jumpered?

just look in your BIOS to see what settings you have.

i have 2 cd-rom a hp 9100 series and a lite-on 52x then i have a 7 gig hard drive and a 60 gig hard drive 7 gig is my master with my os and the 60 gig is storage the 60gb is jumpered too the jumper without a lable 1st there is a lable called pw2 then it’s blank the there is master then slave & then cable select my drive’s shunt is on the 1 without a lable then i have the 7gb set to master what can u do with the information provided to help me figure this out

If I understand you, the hard drives are on the primary cable, and the CD drives are on the secondary cable together. since the HD’s are working, let’s leave them alone.
Remove the HP drive and set the new burner to master on the secondary all by itself, see if that makes a difference.
As for the other jumpers on the other drives, you have to refer to the drive’s manual for settings if they’re not printed on the drive itself.

i’ll try wha u said but i just went and got another cd-rom drive brand new and i still can’t set it 2 DMA i can’t set either one to DMA is there anything that would prohibit me from setting them to DMA

possibly a really old, maybe damaged cable.

Maybe a damaged/faulty IDE controller.