Why would anyone make a DVD?



I just bought the Plextor Tv 402u unit for its DivX recording ability.

NOW I find out that in order to make a “DVD” I have to re-encode the material to an mpeg file???

This makes no sense at all to me==time, file size, quality==etc. I just burned some divx files to a dvd and one of my settop players recognized the disk as a “Data Disk” and lists the files with thumbnails and everything. Not as “fancy” as a dvd menu but completely acceptable and avoids HOURS of work and errors.

((Yes the other older set top does not recognize the disk at all.))

Am I missing any other feature or quality of “watching a movie” on my tv that recording and watching divx files rather than watching a dvd???



more stand alone players are being made that will play the mpeg4 format. I have the philips dvp642 which works good for me


Good to know. My liteon 5045 will read mpeg-4 files but my liteon 5005 will not. I posted an error above and now I will try a test record and burn of an actual divx file.

I have confirmed that Peck’s Power Joiner will NOT merge these mpeg-4 files but it will merge my Divx files. So close and yet no joy. Too bad the computer recording setups will not pause while recording in order to avoid this hassle.

So many variables.


What’s your personal experiences with mpeg4/Divx is it as clear as a DVD?? I’m very interested in one of these units if it’s at least DVD quality!! I’m able to record an entire DVD on to a CD using Nero, seems OK on my PC screen, but no way to test on my TV yet?!?!


garbage in- garbage out. If your source video is of dvd quality and if done correctly the re-encoded dvd to mpeg4 will also be of excellent quality. Most ppl that see my encodes on a 52" screen can’t see the difference.


i have the M402U unit (yours sans TV functions) and if you capture directly to MPEG-2 (native DVD-VIDEO format), even more stand-alone DVD players will play those files as well with no need for conversion or re-writing to VOB/IFO format.

you can use PlexGoCap to do this -

also, a lot of info on DiVX and the plextor convertx series of capture devices here: http://forums.divx.com