Why won't Windows NT/2000 read my CDs?

This is kind of a technical support question. I have burned a few CDs recently using Nero that read fine in Windows 9x machines but not in Windows NT/2000 machines using identical hardware. What is the deal with that? Does NT not have driver support for CDRs or what? Does anyone have a solution for this in NT/2000? Thanks.


Perhaps you need a new aspi driver for nt
you can download it @ http://www.goldenhawk.com

Are you used the wrong key for your nero, so you see only empty cd’s in your windows explorer, dunno if you got that problem too. But try updating your aspi drivers

Ok, I am using Windows 2000 Professional as my current operating system at work. I went home during lunch to burn another copy of the data CD to see if I closed the CD. I chose the UDF format to make a data CD and I made sure to check the ‘Finalize CD’ option. I did not have the ‘Disc At Once’ choice checked but I thought that was only for making direct copies of CDs anyway. I tested it on the ME and 98 boxes at home and both read the CD fine. I came back to work and put it in the 2000 machine and it says the drive is not accessible. I was able to download and install the most current ASPI driver layer from Adaptec (1021) and it still does not recognize the CD. I tested it out in another machine to be sure and it did not work also. Finally, I went to a machine (same exact hardware) that has 98 loaded and it did read it fine. I am confused as to why this would be happening and am convinced that it is somehow a software or driver problem. Anymore ideas? Thanks.

Does the system at work have a UDF reader installed?

Saw this when trying to read a CDRW on a different computer than the one it was burnt on…

Try burning is as CD ROM (ISO) in Nero, see if that works