Why won't this work?

Hi all, a few questions

Just recently I purchased a computer with an 12x dvd-burner. it is an Aopen DUW 1608/12x which states DVD+R/RW/Dual layer as well. And I am using Roxio media Creater suite 7.0 or 7.5. Well I have been trying to Burn some info and programs on to memorex DVD+Rs (8x speed), and other than an experiment with some MP3’s. I can not get my system to read the disks? Has this happened to anyone else. If any of you guys/gals know what is happening. Please I would be greatful for the info thanks.


Are you finalizing the discs in Roxio? Does your system just hang or is it giving some error?

Hmm, i do not remember, I believe so will try it again with finalizing . Thanks for the info.