Why wont these files play in my DVD player

I burned a series of videos to DVD-r like always, and i think something went wrong. The videos were coded (or whateva u call it) in h264. Hereis what the file said:

Container: AVI
Video Codec: H.264
Video Resolution: 320x240
Video Bitrate: ~300kbps
Audio Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 48kbps

Would these specs have anything to do with y the files wont play on my DVD player.

anyone! c’mon

Most standalone DVD players only play DVD compliant mpeg2 files.

If you want to play AVI files you need to get a player that has that additional capacity.

DIVX and XVID (a type of AVI) are supported in the Philips DVP642 among others.

BTW, H.264 is MPEG-4 Part 10.

P.S. Do some of your own legwork and don’t expect instant answers!

no, i know what u r saying. im not trying to burn an avi file to a disc and place it my dvd player. i know better than that. Maybe i should of explained myself better. I used ConvertXtoDVD to make a dvd of six files that was encoded using H.264 (as u can see above) Everything went smoothly, no problems in the log or anything. I then proceeded to place the DVD in the DVD player, and i didnt work. So basically im saying, is there a way to change the format of the six files or something that will make it playable on my DVD player.


P.S. I did do my homework. I researched it, but really couldn’t understand how to decode it.

Have the dvds you created with convertx always played?