Why wont record noe mwx allow me to record at 1X

i’m trying to burn data on a CDRW 1X-4X at 1X and it will only record at 4x. I have a plextor 40/12/40A and a Pioneer A05. it will say selected speed 1X, user speed 2X. Can someone help me. Thanks the reason why i want to burn it slowwer is becaus eit tends to freeze when its being read.

The lowest re-write speed for the Plextor is 4X, don’t know about the Pioneer though. There’s nothing you can do about this other then getting some new (read: better) CD-RW discs.

The Pioneer can’t do slower than 4x either.

Refer to the media forum before buying new discs and finding out that they freeze as well because they are bad :wink: