Why won't Nero let me burn more on my CD-R?


Can somebody please tell me what I need to do in Nero (v5.5.5.6) so that I can record more than once to a CD?

I know I can’t overwrite the areas I’ve already burned something to but Nero always tells me that it needs a blank CD even though the CD only has a couple of minutes worth of stuff.

I thought I could keep burning to the CD until it was full even though the burns were made during different sessions. Do I have to create file(s) that fill up the whole CD and do the burn only once?


Make sure you right click on the CD ‘template’ and select it to be multi-session. Otherwise it will be closed after burn.

All I can think of at this point.

Like Stradius said, you’ll have to make a multisession cd. When you start burning a new cdr make a multisession disc of it. That way you can burn session after session until the cdr is full. Every time you want to continue burning on the cd just find “continue multisession”. When you close the disc it’s no longer possible to ad another session.