Why won't my vifeo files play right?

I exported some projects to files on my computer and when I try and view them they won’t play right. The first few second seem to be ok but then they seem to go almost into slow motion.

I exported them using NeroVision Express 3.

I exported some projects (using NeroVision Express 3) to files on my computers external f drive beacuse I was running out of space on my c drive. When I try and play them with either my Nero player or Windows Media player they won’t play right. The first few seconds seem to be ok but then they seem to go almost into slow motion.

But when I open Nerovision, click “make movie” and insert one of these exported videos into a new project, that they play just fine.

How to I go about getting them to play outside of inserting them into a project.

P.s. I burned one onto a dvd from Nero and it also plays fine.

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Note that NeroVison Express is now up to version 4. Look at the following Guide and click through until you find the link for NVE. Make sure you are using relaible media (Verbatim is regarded as one of the best and is available locally - usually at a discount).

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Maybe your puter is too slow.


THey play fine when I exported them with Windows movie maker. But Windows doesnt have a burn or chapter function so I use used Nero.

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