Why won't my Pioneer DVR-212 drive install?

This is a SATA DVD writer that I just bought. My motherboard is a DFI NF4 Ultra-d and it has 4 SATA slots. I plugged the power and SATA cables in, but for some odd reason, my motherboard’s BIOS won’t detect it and Windows won’t either. I know I plugged the SATA cable in properly and the disc tray does eject which means that there is power. The SATA slots are all enabled in the BIOS so I’m really puzzled why Windows and the BIOS can’t detect it.

Check the DFI site, maybe you can find some info about your mobo.

use the microsoft drivers instead of the Nvidia drivers. this is a common problem with Nvidia chipset mobos. I have my 212 installed on a computer that has a Asus Nvidia chipset socket 462 mobo but I use the microsoft drivers and not the Nvidia drivers. My 212 is installed on a pci sata controller card since the Asus mobo has no sata connections.

unlikely a driver issue when BIOS also cannot detect it, tried another SATA cable yet?

like MacClipper said, this is not a driver issue.

driver only affect windows and other OS, has nothing to do with BIOS.

could be caused if he has RAID enabled

I’ll try another SATA cable then, but I doubt that is the culprit.

No, I don’t have RAID enabled. I’m running it off the native SATA ports of the Nforce 4 chipset. My hard drive is running off SATA port #1 with no problems. The BIOS detected the SATA connection to the hard drive, but not the Pioneer drive.

Is it on SATA port #2, 3 or 4?

I tried it on port #2, 3, and 4 and it doesn’t work. I’m going to try to take out the SATA hard drive and try it on port #1 before reporting back.

Is the drive set as master or slave? Should be set to Master.

There’s no master/slave setting on a SATA dvd burner. :wink:


Okay, the bad news is that the drive still won’t work in SATA port #1. Then I decided to use a different SATA cable and voila, the BIOS detected the drive!

Thanks a lot for the help guys!

:cool: :clap:

:bigsmile: good you got it working now you can do some burning! :clap: