Why won't my DVD rom drive read multilayer discs?

I have a MATSHITA UJDA760 DVD rom/CDRW drive … And I’m running ‘Windoze’ XP
The drive will read multilayer DVD movies … but why will it not read multilayer DVD data discs? … Do i require aditional software?

Can anyone enlighten me?



I don’t see why it wouldn’t, what file extension? try a diff data disk… what r u trying to open/read???

Its just personal files that I had backed up from my computer ( but burnt on a computer with a DVD burner) … file ext. jpegf, exe, doc …etc
Its approx 8gb … so used a multi layered disc …DVD +R Double Layer.
I can see the files on the disc when reading it on the computer I burnt it on … but not on mine.

Maybe the disc is not closed?

Closed? Sorry I’m a bit of a lamer with the terms… can you explain?

It was burnt using NERO ’ create a DVD data disc’ … I added the files … and burnt it.

You cannot read the backup disc unless you reinstall the backup data, but if you just copy your data into the disc then you will be able to read the content of the disc, which is copied data…

well i believe it to be copied , as i can see it on other computers

I believe your COMBO drive is old and lacks the support to read burned DL media.
Maybe the DL even has booktype “DVD+R”.

So basicly … the combo drive is only any good for reading DL movies only. For Data I need a new one … and use the current one as a doorstop :o)

Thanks for the advice guys

Ok I found a tool to show what format the drive supports [U]Nero Info Tool[/U] http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroInfoTool_403.zip

It shows that the drive only supports DVD-R , DVD-RW , DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM … no DL at all …

So my final question … how does it read the DL movies?

Closed? I think he meant finalized! Also I have not opened your Zip, but probably not a DL burner, this does not mean it can’t read DL media. stick a DL media disk in a standard DVD-Rom and it will play with proper player,(PowerDVD) etc…

That info doesn’t mean much, it comes directly from the firmware on the drive.

Pressed VideoDVDs have mediatype DVD-ROM and Booktype DVD-ROM.
A recordable media has eg. mediatype DVD+R, and maybe booktype DVD-ROM if you are able to change that.
But the mediatype NEVER can be changed.

If your drive/player insist on checked and using the mediatype info only, it will deny playing all other unsupported media.