Why Won't My Dvd Burner Work?

Hello All, :slight_smile:

Firstly thanks to every one who helped me on my other posts! :clap:

BUT as usual i am baffelled with another problem… and at this point i am really considering to throw my pc out the window and get a new one! :a

Anyway I have put dvd shrink,dvd decrypter and ripit4me on the pc and ialso have nero6 ( the right onenot the dodgyone!) but no matter which i use weather it is to burn mp3 songs to dvd, avi files or movies or even to back up my pc with a dvd nothing works. the programs work fine and run if there is no problem and at the end they either say they have burned the dvd-and have not or say the burn failed. i have tried all types of files and nothing will burn.
I CAN burn CDs ok and i can burn avi files etc to a cd but nothing to dvd!!! :a
Whats the problem? does anyone have any ideas??? :confused:
Can the dvd drive go caput but still burn cds? It is a lite on SOHW 1693S model and i have had it since 2004.

Please help!!! thanks :sad:

DVD burners have two lasers, one for CD’s and one for DVD’s. It is not uncommon to see one of them go bad and the other be good. :frowning:
Will your 1693 read factory made DVD movies?
Run Nero Info Tool (you will find it in the Nero Tool Box).
Click the Save button at the top of the page and post the log it generates. It could help us to figure out what’s going on.

I suppose the other possibility is that the DVD discs you’re using are rather poor quality & that the burn achieved is so bad that you’re unable to read the disc afterwards.

It’s hard to be sure as you don’t really say just what the problem is so I’m assuming it’s a read after burn problem.

that is what happened to my last dvd burner. i could burn dvds all day. but no cds at all. sometimes they just go bad.

Hi, :slight_smile:
I ran nero info tool and i am attaching it to this post. fingers crossed that it will help.
Heres the extra info you asked about… I CAN watch dvds ok. no problems there. I have tried several different brands of blank dvds and all is the same…wont burn. Even the brand that i use to use before everything went Kaput! doent work. There have been several errors when using any burning software. when i used dvd shrink by itself it went through the whole process right to the end and said that it had burnt susscessfully but there was nothing written on the blank dvd. When i used ripit4me and dvd decrypter it will not go past dvd decrypter and says there was an error. with nero it starts to think to burn and right at the end says there is an error. in neros case i tried to burn several mp3 songs to dvd, an avi file to dvd and copy a cd. all end with it starting to work and then error.
I am trying several different dvds to back up and i have even tryed to back up dvds that i know owrked before as i have a backp of them.

I hope this all helps solve my problem. if worst comes to worse i will have to take it to a pc guy so they can check outif the dvd burner has gone.

thanks :slight_smile:

When Nero fails it gives you the option to save the log file. Save it & then post it back here. It’s more useful than the InfoTool log.

Hello again :slight_smile:
I am putting a log on for you to look at to see what is the problem. does it matter which type of file i am burning? i just tried to burn some mp3 files to dvd to create a fail log. i hope this helps! :iagree:



Logerror.txt (8.32 KB)

Your log shows that you are burning in multisession. Uncheck the multisession box as shown and try again. Burn the same mp3 files as a “Music”-“MP3” disc.
Make sure you have selected the Liteon 1693 “DVD” as your burner on the first page of Nero Express.

Hi, Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
I did exactly what you asked and nero went through the paces and burnt a music dvd sucessfully. Well i thought it did !!! :a But when i checked the dvd there are no files on it and it will not play. even if you look at the dvd itself you cannot see anywhere it has burned on to the disc. usually you can see! So i cant give you another log to look at as far as nero is concerned all burned ok. but it did not.!
ant other ideas??? :confused:

This is driving me nuts! :eek: Do you think maybe the burner has died? :sad:
Mind you it still plays dvds ok!
I would love any other help!

Sorry to hear that. :frowning:
AT this point all I can suggest is trying your burner in another computer or a new burner in your’s. I’m stumped! You could buy a new burner and if that is not the problem return it. Most stores in the US give you 14 to 30 days to return computers upgrades for a full refund. I don’t know what it is like where you live. At this point it does sound like a bad burner to me. :frowning:

You also have some “lower filter” drivers on your machine which can conflict with CD- DVD burning programs.
Lower Filters

Driver : RegKill
Description : DVD RegionKiller Lower Filter Driver
Version : 2, 7, 0, 0
Company : Elaborate Bytes

Driver : cdrbsdrv
Description : CD-ROM Filter Driver for Windows2000/xp
Version : 7. 0. 0. 5
Company : B.H.A Corporation

Driver : PxHelp20
Description : Px Engine Device Driver for Windows 2000/XP
Version : 2.03.27a
Company : Sonic Solutions
You can go here to see how to remove them. It gets quite involved though.

Make a new burn, but this time enable VERIFY. This will show you if the content were really burnt and it can be read back by the burner or not…

Thanks everyone. :clap:
My brother is about to buy a dvd burner so i will get him to put in my pc first to see if this is the problem. then i will get another one. other than this i will send it to a pc shop for them to check it out! :wink:
i am greatful for all of your help with this! :flower:

Thanks :bigsmile:

Wobble has given you good advice with illustration also and that should be adequate to deal with your problem of writing in DVD.