Why wont my 815S burn at 8x?

Just recently purchased this, and bought my first set off 8x discs, the problem is when I try to burn a film, it take 25 mins to burn at 8x yet when I do it at 4 it does them in 17, what am I doing wrong?

Oh and I have dma enabled ect, got a 1.7 athalon 512 mb ram

When burning, is your drive’s light solidly red the whole time, or does it flash between red & orange? And if it does, how frequently does it flash between red & orange?

It flashes basically most of the time, it seems to burn the first 4% quickly then takes it time after that.

You’re hitting a lot of buffer underrun errors. Your computer can’t supply data to the drive quickly enough.

Depending on what program you use, this could lead to 8x burning actually being slower than 4x burning. For example, Nero, in their infinite wisdom (ha!) decided that if a buffer underrun occurs, it will pause until it can replenish all the buffers to 100%. So with Nero, you basically load the buffer, burn it, stop while loading the buffer, etc., and that REALLY slows you down if you have a lot of buffer underruns. DVD Decrypter is a bit more intelligent, and it keeps burning while attempting to fill the buffer so the buffer underruns don’t slow it down as much.

In any case, you may want to look at the usual causes of problems. Hard drive fragmentation? Other programs running? You sure that both HDD & burner are on DMA?

I recently tried to burn something from my secondary HDD. It’s only 5400 RPM, and I got a number of buffer underruns, and my burn was slow. Despite not having anything else using that HDD at the time and despite having DMA turned on, my 5400 RPM drive had problems keeping up. My 7200 RPM drive does a much better job keeping up. So for one reason or the other, your system isn’t keeping up with your burner’s speed.

I am now using alcohol 120 and it take nearly 30 mins at 8 speed, it is basically writing at 2x on 8x discs, anyone help as this is really pissing me off!

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I am now using alcohol 120 and it take nearly 30 mins at 8 speed, it is basically writing at 2x on 8x discs, anyone help as this is really pissing me off!

I think he just did…

whats that supposed to mean?

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whats that supposed to mean?

It means, I’ve already suggested things for you do to. Like defragment your HDD and making sure that your system can keep up, as it is difficult for many systems to do so with high-speed DVD burning. If you say, “I have tried all that, but I still have the problem. And by the way, here’s more information about my system and more details about what I’m doing,” then people will help you. If you just say “Help me, I’m getting pissed,” people will ignore you.

Having nearly completed a review of a rebadged Liteon LDW851s (in the clever disguise of a Gigabyte GOW0804a) for another website, and experienced about 2 dozen 8x coasters from the drive, both with native Gigabyte firmware and the latest GSOF (I believe…might have the alphanumeric wrong…it’s the latest version regardless) this drive seems to be plagued by the following problem.

Most of the 8x capable DVD+R media that is easily found at the retail level (and it’s not easy to find at all) does not like this drive. After shopping around CompUSA, Best Buy, WalMart, Target, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Circuit City (i.e. all the common places in the U.S. you find media easily at retail) I failed to find any that would burn at 8x. One particularly bad stack of Verbatim 8x (MCC003) would barely write reliably at 2.4x.

Prodisc R03
Nanya CHX
Ritek R031
Tuden 000

These are the media types according to a .pdf I recieved from Gigabyte that were tested reliably with the drive @ 8x speeds. All I got from their OEM partner was dead silence. Unfortunately, I had no luck myself matching any of these media codes with any retail media I could easily find. Ironically enough, the Verbatim MCC003 media I found was readily available EVERYWHERE I shopped…Too bad it’s utter crap. :wink:

This seems to be a common problem when you’re on the cutting edge with new burn technology. Not that 8x DVD+R has just been born, but media availability at the RETAIL WALK IN AND BUY STUFF level is still sparse. It’s one of the disappointing things I’ve had to face over the last 4 years of writing reviews myself, that being people coming away with that cold slap of reality that alot of vendors that try to operate in the retail box upgrader space just cant grasp how hardcore expectations are. People {rightfully so} expect when they see 8x on a retail box, and 8x on a spindle of media, for everything to work as advertised. Reality is otherwise oftentimes.

A spindle of compatible Ritek media now sits here making me happy, but I wasted a good bit of money (till I bitched at Gigabyte and Liteon long enough to be heard) on my quest for 8x bliss.

Not that any of this helps with your problem currently, but at least you might not feel alone. :wink:


No, his problem isn’t with media but with buffer underruns. He indicated that his light was constantly blinking (indicating BU), and that it took longer to burn at 8x than at 4x (indicating BU coupled with poor buffering handling by the burning software)

I should read the fine print eh? :wink: