Why will my computer not recognize my DVD/CD device

I need help trying to figure out why my computer will not recognize my DVD/CD device. I have a Liteon compo when we removed it to clean the computer up and replaced it my computer refused to see it again. It says that the drivers have been successfully installed but can not find device. I am running XP does anyone know where i can go to find help

What exactly do you mean by clean the computer up. Did you uninstall programs or applications. Or was this just blowing the dust out…

two weeks ago I had to brink my computer back to factory. Everything ran fine except itunes. we uninstalled it then downloaded and reinstalled it. It ran for a few days then disappeared. After that my son said the DVD?CD was not burning correctly. We decided to turn everything off take the covers of and dust it out complete. When we reinstalled the DVD The comuter shows where it should be in device manager but has a yellow ! next to it and says can not find devine. I also Checked the Bios where it shows the name of the device but has a 0 in the device column

If there is a yellow exclamation mark, it usually means either the device isn’t connected properly, or there is a driver issue. Recheck connections on the device, make sure it is in the proper place on the cable, that the drive is jumper as primary or slave correctly. How did you reinstall your software?
Did you install windows from a CD/DVD, or did you do it from a backup.

I had the tech at work check connections he said they looked fine unfortunately my son (21 years old) undid everything before I got home that day he says everything is just as it was. I when I checked the mastery cable was in the back of the DVD and the slave cable is not pluged in to anything. There are to other wires that i believe are for adding a CD ROM but the were not pluged into anything. When I purchased my computer everything was already installed so when we brought it back to factory there were no cd’s involved except to reinstall my DSL. THe drive worked fine at that point

CD-ROM access is missing and messages cite error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, Code 39, or Code 41.
Ignore the references about Easy CD Creator.


Don’t forget to reboot the system after removing the entry for UpperFilters and LowerFilters in the Registry.

I found the microsoft link the other day for the Code 41 error I did what they suggested. When I check for changes to drive it looks like a window wants to pop up but then nothing happens. Unfortunately I know nothing about the regisry filters or the remainder of your message. Thank you for trying to help me

If you are a noob to this, I highly suggest you google “installing a drive”, and check and make sure everything is connected properly, that the devices are jumpered correctly, and in the correct position on the cable. If you jumper a drive as slave, but have it in the master position on the ide cable, it can cause problems. The end of the cable is the Master position. Here is a link.
http://www.mikeshardware.com/howtos/howto_connect_ide_hd.html. Check everything carefully and then get back and report what you find.

Thanks for info Rob I had my nephew come over and double check all setting and hook ups. After he left I found the info to check to see if my computer see the drive at C: prompt. When I followed these instructions and was able to drive letter and dir of the disk i insterted but only at Cprompt, when I go back into windows it refuses to see my drive. I have found info on HP help site when I download it it says that I do not have that device. I am lost now and not sure what else to look at. It seems to me that something is blocking the drive from being seen

Try hooking up your dvd drive all by itself on the secondary ide. If that doesn’t work, try hooking it up as slave on primary ide. That will eliminate whether it is a cable or jumper problem…

Thank Rob I will try when I get home from work today