Why will DVD9 disc not play on recoerder?

Hello all,

Fairly new to the program so I am not that familiar with all of the ins and outs quite yet.

Here are the specs on my machine

P4 2.4 gHz
1 GB ram
NEC 3500 DVD Burner

Last night I was recording some movies onto Sony DL discs. I have been having problems with a 50/50 success rate on burning the discs. I’m not sure if it is the Sony’s, I’m thinking about trying Verbatims next time.

All three of the discs will pay in my PS2, Sony DVD player and Coby DVD Player. It will not play in my JVC DR-M100 DVD-Recorder though. When i put the disc in the player, it spins for a while and then DISC ERROR pops up on the disply.

Is there something I need to check that will allow me to play these discs on my DVD Recorder? Theis unit is hooked up to the main TV in the living room and I would like to be able to watch them on that TV. Thanks for any help you can give me!

OOOPS! I forgot to say that I am using DVDFAB Platinun

Sony’s are not the best I would use verbatim, the sony disc are they +R or -R if they are +R check to see if your JVC DR-M100 DVD-Recorder support that type of disc some dvd players do not

These are +R discs. That may be the problem. Thanks for the input!

No problem my friend that is what the forum is for :bigsmile:

I have spent weeks trying to find a DVD player that plays DL discs. Most of them I’ve got will play DLs up to the layer break and then freeze. You are lucky to have two out of three that play DL discs.
They say that in the Common Settings-> Write, checking the Booktype box helps but I’m not sure that that applies to DLs as well. also, leaving the Remove Layer Break box checked under Protection in the Common Settings helps.

If the NEC 3500 book types +R DL media then it shouldn’t matter too much. However, I’d question whether the burners firmware properly supports this media. That depends on what version your using.

I think you should find someone with a Benq or Liteon burner & get a disk quality scan done. I’d suspect that the burn would be horrible & that the JVC is more sensitive than your other players.

Your only real hope is Verbatims but only go for the 2.4x & 4x ones as I doubt that there’s support for the 8x variety.

If you’ve not got the latest firmware for the 3500 I’d suggest you get it.

I really believe that the Sony DL’S are not the best to use. I’ve had trouble with them. I bought Verbatim and so far, no problems.

The other comments here seem logical. These guys are good and usually right!

I am currently using a modified firmware called 2TB_Slow. I forgot that my JVC Player is able to read these Sony DVD+R DL discs. I made a few other movies and they would at least start palying the movie. This last batch just says DISC ERROR when I put it in the drive.

Hi tdoran70
Do not know what write speed you used during the backup but you may want to try doing a backup with a write speed of 2.4 for a DL disc, and see how that works