Why will 30mb MP3 not fit on a CD

I downloaded a 30mb MP3 interview and then tried to burn it onto a CD-R and then a CD-RW, both times it told me there was not enough room for it, the CD-R was blank and the CD-RW was erased before starting. Even if the converted file was 10 times larger surely it should fit onto a CD?

What’s the runtime of the MP3? If it’s over 80 minutes and you are trying to create an audio cd then that’s the problem. With an audio cd it’s not the file size to be concerned about it’s the runtime.

Depedning on the cd media size, you could grab 800mb or 900mb ones or try overburning a bit.

Thank you for your time. It has a runtime of 89 mins so my dilemma is solved. I shall buy an MP3 player for my vehicle, any suggestions?