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Can someone give me a technical reason why we can’t copy protected game DVDs? Liteon’s SOHW-1213S DVD RW driver can burn DVDs in RAW mode, so why not? Is it just a case of software support?

Yeah, thats DVDs, not CDs. If you noticed that no burner can do a DVD without special software like AnyDVD to descramble the codes, no software (which is legal) can do this.

I hope DVD burners that fully support RAW come out soon!

See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96522.

I think there are some writers that can burn DAO RAW with dvd’s but the software doesn’t support it yet…, with cd writers when they first came out it also took some years to make raw writing popular while many writers could actualy already do a DAO RAW (Philips ,Mitsumi,Yamaha) burn but the software didn’t support it yet…in a couple of years i am sure we burn DAO raw ON dvd’s :iagree:

yep in many cases is because of actual dvd-recording software. For film and games companies is not interesting that dvds will be written in raw mode some day

in a couple of years i am sure we burn DAO raw ON dvd’s

In a couple of YEARS???

AFAIK there is no RAW writing mode for DVDs, and there most likely never will be one. I don’t believe your writer offers any “raw writing” for DVDs.
The technical reason is, that there is no need to do such things.
DVDs only have a user sector size of 2048 bytes. Nothing more, nothing less.
There are no Audio sectors (2352 bytes) no subchannel information (96 bytes), etc. like on CDs (which in fact originated in Audio CDs and much later became CD-ROMs)
The only reason to write raw an a DVD would be to create same “read error copy protection”.
Nobody is really interested in such a thing… :rolleyes:

There are a lot of economic interest behind of all this and certainly now can be dangerous to release dvd-writers that can write laserlock, safedisk and other commercial protections to dvd. Moreover, nowadays, we are seeing a transition to the DL DVD media ( an utopic idea in its day); and I think film house are not very happy with this.

AFAIK there is no RAW writing mode for DVDs

That’s not what Liteon tech support says…

There is no “standard” (last time i checked mmc specs) for writing in dvd raw mode. You simply write in “2048 bytes/sector” mode.

Subject: SOHW-1213S

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couple of months :iagree: :bigsmile: if we are lucky :bigsmile:

There’s indeed no standard way to write DVDs RAW, so it is highly probable
that your tech support guy misunderstood your question and that you will
never get it working.

I checked liteon web site, and they list RAW beside DAO, TAO, and SAO. TAO is strictly a cd burning term so I would surmise they mean RAW related to cd burning.

Why not try it and see. Blindwrite 5 can do it? Or am I wrong

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