Why was my thread closed?

I really don’t get it.
Why was my thread closed ?


I was asking specific questions which had nothing to do with the linked thread :

I was talking about a dual boot system with Win98SE and Linux NOT WinXP or MSDOS or MacOS etc. :confused:

I have no clue! reopened!

I just checked it and it aint closed … maybe you thought it was, or maybe it was a mistake …


Ooops Domi got there first :wink:

I reopened it, that’s why :wink:

Thanks Mr. DoMiN8ToR looks like Mr. Belvedere doesn’t like me a lot

Don’t take it personal, maybe he just mis read it (or maybe I did), but I don’t see any harm in reopening it!

I wouldn’t wish to speak for Mr B, but I’ll guess this had something to do with the nearly identical thread that was already active in the forum.

Generally speaking it would be best to take this kind of issues up with the person who closed the thread, rather than putting it out in public.

If you don’t feel you get a decent reply from that person, you can contact myself or Domin8tor and we will look into it.

We are, I’d like to think anyway, all reasonable people who will listen to reason and founded complaints. You do not need to fear us (ok, perhaps me, but that is another issue :wink: )

Dual Boot has nothing to do with Dual Boot ?

Okay … my mistake…

OK we don’t have to make a big deal out of it.
I didn’t make my complain “public” to embarrass anyone.

Sorry but I don’t have time for this kind of attitude. :frowning:
You can just close the thread again.

I’m not embarassed… I’m trying to be open to discussion.

I am sorry if i have insulted you ; It’s just that i didn’t understand your motives.

My motives on what?

I thought that “CD Freaks Forum Talk” was the best place to post my complain.

It could be my complain was wrong.But i didn’t want this to become The_Judas vs Mr.Belvedere post.

It was just a simple question - nothing more - and it can be rejected if it doesn’t comply with the CDFreaks rules or something like that.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere

Dual Boot has nothing to do with Dual Boot ?

Okay … my mistake… [/B]

that was my conclusion - as i just closed it again - without reading this thread. ugh.